Desktop Management

Desktop Management involves managing all the desktop from a centralised server. Software deployment, patch management, software and hardware inventory, helpdesk.

MICRON implements desktop management solutions for its clients thus taking care of installation and maintenance needs of hardware and software, spam filtering, patch management, detecting and fighting spyware, etc. Desktop Management helps reduce deployment costs and leads to an increase in the operational efficiency of exiting IT infrastructure.

MICRON offers Microsoft Desktop Management solutions including MS Desktop Optimisation Pack that help better management of client desktops across the enterprise. The centralised configurations, security and support lead to efficient and secure working environment ensuring increased overall productivity.

Micron Benefits :

MICRON leverages its knowledge and experience in implementing Desktop Management solutions in helping its client fully utilise the following benefits:

            Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
            Increased IT infrastructure responsiveness
            Centralised deployment and management
            Higher security environment
            More effective administrative control