MICRON implements advanced virtualization technology over different components of IT infrastructure including hardware and applications enabling its clients to optimise their existing resources and make complete utilisation of capacity of different resources.

MICRON offers Microsoft Hardware Virtualization solution like Virtual Server and Hyper-V leading to server consolidation of under-utilised servers as different server roles work as separate virtual machines running on single host physical server.

MICRON provides Microsoft Application Virtualization solutions helping its clients in streamlining different application deployment processes and in creating application-specific copies of shared resources and enabling compatibility between various applications installed on the same operations system (OS).

Micron Benefits :

MICRON has hands-on experience of implementing Microsoft Hardware and Application virtualisation solutions across different organisations. It offers its clients a range of benefits:

            Substantial reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO)
            Server consolidation of under-utilised physical servers
            Better and full utilisation of resources
            Multiple OS running parallel on single server
            Reduced workforce and less space occupied
            Energy saved as less power consumption due to Virtualization
            Application management automated and simplified
            Controlled and regulated application usage